How to Convert Apple Music Tracks to MP3

In this article, you will learn why many Apple Music subscribers want to convert their Apple Music Tracks to MP3 and how you can convert Apple Music to MP3 with Audio Converter.

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"Apples Music streaming service has attracted more than 60 million subscribers," said Apple's senior vice president Eddy Cue in an interview with French media site Numerama during June 2019.

Apple Music Introduction

This means that since March 2018, the number of Apple Music subscribers has risen by about 22 million over the past year. The rapid growth rate of Apple Music subscribers is based on a series of supporting services that Apple has built for their users, for example, Apple Music provides different subscription plans for users with different needs, there is a $9.99 one-person plan and a $14.99 family plan that allows up to six users share one account.

But the increase in subscribers has also brought problems. More and more people found that sometimes they need to convert Apple Music to MP3 for various purposes.

With this article, we will show you why and how people convert Apple Music to MP3. A professional Audio Converter called "TuneKeep Audio Converter" is all you need.

Table of contents
1. Why Do People Need to Convert Apple Music to MP3?
2. TuneKeep Audio Converter: The Best Apple Music to MP3 Converter
3. Convert Apple Music to MP3 in 5 Steps

Why Do People Need to Convert Apple Music to MP3?

Users can only enjoy Apple Music songs on a device with valid Apple Music subscription. And according to Apple Music's requirement, the mobile devices should be watchOS, tvOS, iOS 8.4+ or Android 4.3+.

There are quite a lot of people who want to enjoy their Apple Music songs on different devices such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, Surface, PSP, Sony Walkman and other general MP3 players, but this seems to be impossible even if you have downloaded the tracks since Apple Music tracks are protected M4P format. In other words, Apple Music tracks are not compatible with the devices and also cannot be authorized with your Apple ID.

Furthermore, many people are now keen to add Apple Music songs as background music in video editing software like iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, etc., especially when Vlog video is so popular. But still, they found that Apple Music tracks couldn't be imported.

Three kinds of video editing program

In addition to the common needs mentioned above, there are other requirements that are less common but do exist. You will find that quite a few people who want to burn Apple Music to CDs or want to enjoy Apple Music on a web browser. All these needs probably cannot be achieved because of the protected M4P format of downloaded Apple Music tracks.

With the problems we mentioned, many people may ask:

"If I download some protected M4P files on Apple Music, is there any way for me to get them in MP3 format?"

Here I give you an affirmative answer: Absolutely Yes. Please allow me to introduce you a professional Audio Converter, which can help you solve all the problems we mentioned above.

TuneKeep Audio Converter: The Best Apple Music to MP3 Converter

Congratulations, you have found the best Audio Converter. There are hundreds of free or paid converters in the market, but none of them can perform as wonderful as TuneKeep Audio Converter.

With the help of TuneKeep Audio Converter, you are able to make the best M4P to MP3 conversion with the simplest steps. Let's find out what's good with TuneKeep Audio Converter.

Features & Advantages of TuneKeep Audio Converter

  • Retain all ID3 tags like title, artist, album, genre, track number, disc number, etc.
  • Keep 100% audio quality of Apple Music tracks after conversion
  • Powerful batch conversion allows users to convert the entire playlist of Apple Music
  • Incredible 16X faster conversion speed makes conversion a momentary thing
  • Sort & rename output files by ID3 tags and special characters like slash and underline
  • Perfectly compatible with latest Windows, macOS, iTunes and Music app

Convert Apple Music to MP3 in 5 Steps

Step 1: Launch TuneKeep Audio Converter

After downloading and installing TuneKeep Audio Converter, you can launch the program from start menu, taskbar or desktop shortcut. iTunes will be automatically launched with the converter. If it is the first time you launch TuneKeep Audio Converter, it may take a few seconds or even more to load the whole iTunes library, depending on the amount of your files. In the left panel of the program, you will find all the Apple Music tracks, audiobooks and other media files in the iTunes library are listed as playlist.

TuneKeep Audio Converter interface

Step 2: Select Apple Music tracks

You will see a checkbox on the left side of each tracks when you click on a playlist. You can select Apple Music tracks by ticking the checkbox, whether you choose one or more, it is allowed. Of course, you can also select all by ticking the top checkbox. Besides, if you want to check a specific track or album but you can't find it, just use the built-in search bar.

Step 3: Choose output format & output folder

Audio Converter provides general audio formats like MP3, M4A, AIFF, AC3, AU, AAC and FLAC as output formats. You can choose one of them in the Output Format list. You can also preset output audio quality from the Profile list.

If you want to keep 100% original audio quality in output MP3 files, we recommend you select "MP3 - High Quality (48000Hz, Stereo, 320kbps)" in Profile list while Apple Music tracks are 256kbps.

Choose MP3 as output

By default, all the output files will be saved in folder C:\Users\(Username)\TuneKeep Audio Converter, you can click "..." button to choose other folders as you like.

Step 4: Conversion speed and file name settings

If you are satisfied with current settings, you can directly click "Convert" button to start the conversion. But if you want to make some changes of the conversion speed or output files' name, Audio Converter also allow you to do this.

You can move the slider in the bar to alter output volume from 50% to 200% or simply enter a value. Conversion speed can also be adjusted from 1X to 16X.

Audio Converter Options

TuneKeep Audio Converter also allows you to sort the output files into folders and rename the output files by using ID3 tags. Supported ID3 tags are {Album}, {Title}, {Artist}, {TrackID} and {DiscID}. Slash (/) or backslash (\) can be used to set folders, other special characters like hyphen (-), underline (_) and space can be used to connect the ID3 tags as a file name.

Step 5: Start converting Apple Music to MP3

Now everything is ready. Just click the "Convert" button to start the amazing conversion. When the conversion is done, you can click "Open Output File" to locate converted Apple Music tracks in MP3 format. Once you get MP3 files, you are finally able to copy or sync them to iPod Nano/Shuffle, Sony Walkman and any MP3 players for playback, or use as background music for any video editing software or DVD authoring software.

Converting Apple Music


For now, you can enjoy your favorite Apple Music Tracks on multiple devices with lossless audio quality. With the help of TuneKeep Audio Converter, this "impossible work" is now easy to achieve.

We need to remind you that converting Apple Music to MP3 is just to let you enjoy Apple Music on your own different devices. We do not encourage you to post the converted MP3 files to the Internet.