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How to Enjoy Apple Music on iPod
To all the Apple Music and iPod users, TuneKeep Audio Converter is a useful Apple Music converter that any of them should get one. As the number of Apple Music users grows, the demand for Apple Music on the iPod mentioned in this article is bound to grow. To be honest, plenty of people have already used TuneKeep Audio Converter to help them bypass the restrictions of Apple Music. In my opinion, if you are a user of Apple Music and any generations of iPod, you should get yourself a copy of TuneKeep Audio Converter to gain better music experiences.

Best Apple Music Converter: Convert Apple Music Songs to MP3/M4A Easily with TuneKeep
Working as Apple Music to MP3 Converter, TuneKeep Audio Converter can easily help you to enjoy Apple Music songs on iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle or any other MP3 players from various manufacturers. Besides, you can also use the output file in DVD authoring software and video editing software as background music, burn them to Audio CD or MP3 CD for your car CD player, copy to SD card or USB memory. It's really convenient and flexible. Are you an Apple Music subscriber? If yes, give it a shot and you will like it.

TuneKeep Audio Converter: Best Solution to Convert Apple Music to MP3
With TuneKeep Audio Converter, you can easily convert Apple Music to MP3 without any hassle. If you encounter any problems like listening Apple Music songs on iPod Nano/Shuffle or other devices, or using them as background music in DVD authoring projects or video editing projects, don't forget to try TuneKeep Audio Converter, it will never let you down. It's the ultimate solution to help any Apple Music subscribers to get better music experience.

I intended to add Apple Music songs to iMovie, after clicking iTunes, I dragged an Apple Music song to timeline, but nothing happened. I see "1258 files are protected and unavailable" and I realized I need a converter. Your program solved the problem perfectly. Thank you.

Your Amazing program makes it possible to play my favorite songs on my old Sandisk MP3 player. You know, sometimes, carrying an MP3 player would be much more convenient.

Happy with your Audio Converter. Intuitive interface and powerful features. What is more, your converter supports Mojave's dark mode very well.

Feeling frustrated after tried several applications to convert my audiobooks in order to play them on my MP3 player. I almost gave up, luckily, I tried yours and it did the trick!

Before buying a license key from TuneKeep, I have tried several Apple Music converters, and yours is the only one I can use to organize output files in my desired way. This feature really saved me a lot of time! Excellent!

My old man uses an old iPod Touch 4 as MP3 to enjoy music. He asked me how to transfer his favorite Apple Music songs from PC to iPod Touch as he failed several times. I bought a license key for him and send him the user guide. To my surprise, he said your program is very easy-to-use. he managed to convert some songs and transferred to his iPod Touch 4. Impressive!

I have tried several programs called Audio Converter. Due to my Mac's special environment, none of them worked. I then send emails to different support, and you are the only one who can provide a solution which can solve my problems completely. Really nice and professional support staff.

I have got a Sony Walkman from my girl friend as birthday gift. We have some favorite songs in common. Thanks to your application, now we can enjoy the same high-quality songs when we are together.

After operations in Final Cut Pro X, I knew that Final Cut Pro X wouldn't accept Apple Music track as background music. Your program is a good solution and I have finished my video project successfully.

I used your program to convert Apple Music songs to M4A and transfer them to my old iPod shuffle. It worked without any problem. So good!

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